What is UPROAR?

A global mobile focused media platform and community, enabling individuals to make a difference in the world and to  participate in something bigger than themselves.

We tell short stories about the amazing world we live in, inspiring viewers to engage and participate in a variety of impactful ways.

Audiences are no longer passive viewers. We connect a global community of curious and influential people united by passion about nature and wildlife. We enable engagement with conservationists, projects and experiences through our transactional platform, called UPROAR ACTION, providing opportunities to act and drive positive change.

We are developing three content verticals, in factual genres that have yet to reach online audiences at scale – with an initial focus on wildlife and conservation.   We highlight species and the great characters, organizations and stories that join forces for them.

How do we do this?

We produce authentic, social, short-form videos distributed on social media networks that grab attention and drive engagement. We reach and connect audiences with a transactional platform UPROAR ACTION that enabling viewers to take action.

Our approach to content creation is innovative and scalable. By partnering with blue-chip producers and professional film-makers – along with content from "lenses in the wild":  scientists, educators, explorers, ecologists, expedition leaders, and passionate amateurs – we build a large library of footage from a global community of content providers.

We have the social and digital media expertise to drive audience growth and engagement via influencers and partners.

We collaborate with wildlife conservation organizations, sponsors, philanthropists, and thought-leaders to provide hands-on experiences that are available through our platform, enabling users to engage as active participants.

We package multiple verticals to provide high impact and scaled reach for organizations and brands. We help sponsors make the most compelling content and devise the strategy to reach the biggest and most relevant audience.”

We also produce UPROAR originals around  species and causes we believe would benefit  and we partner with conservation organizations, donors and sponsors to produce and fund them.

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Why Now?

We are living through dramatic change. As people gain more control over their media consumption, they follow their passions, and desire to have an impact.

Shifting habits drive audiences from TV towards streaming and social platforms. Global online and mobile media consumption is overtaking linear TV for the first time in 2018. Legacy players struggle to set free from the constraints of their business models.

The value of companies delivering quality content and engaged audiences in the mobile and on-line space is at a premium as pressures on traditional platforms and their advertisers increases exponentially.

With near universal access to social media platforms, people and brands can not only reach the world, they can change it too.

Hundreds of millions of people globally love programs about wildlife and nature.  Many of them want to make a difference but are unsure how to help while conservationists have long been frustrated by the disconnect between media and funding for the causes being portrayed.

locations: Seattle, LA, Washington DC, NY, London, Barcelona