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We are wildlife


up·roar  — noun: uproar; plural noun: uproars

(i) a loud and impassioned noise or disturbance, (ii) a public expression of protest or outrage.

UPROAR is a media company focused on capturing, presenting, promoting and telling great moments and adventures from the amazing world we live in. We give a voice to passions that are worth shouting about.

We generate high production value wildlife content, and share it with communities online via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., distributing and promoting UPROAR content to become THE mobile place for wildlife.


We inspire audiences to show up, feeding their passion for adventure and the natural world, tantalizing them into deeper experiences, and connecting them to wildlife entrepreneurs through the UPROAR Marketplace.

The UPROAR Marketplace provides a platform for our audience to discover deeper experiences that can access, buy or participate in - ranging from travel to supporting their favorite species, professionals, or organizations. Our objective is to build the world's largest catalog of wildlife entrepreneurs, conservation projects, scientists, professionals, organizations and more.

UPROAR is the place for wildlife stories on the web.

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