UPROAR conservation PARTNERS

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corporate sponsors

UPROAR Media would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities with organizations that share our values and respect for nature. Our spirit is collaborative, progressive and energetic. We are open to a range of sponsorship approaches including brand promotion, product focused projects, “in-kind”, “360 degree” projects involving multiple components - projects that helps you achieve your objectives while being true to our vision for supporting wildlife, nature and conservation.


production companies

Huge archives of beautifully shot wildlife and conservation television programs and documentary films exist that lie dormant, unwatched and underutilized. Factual production companies who create these programs are usually passionate about the people and stories they highlight in their long form content, much of which after running on TV or in theaters is sitting in libraries not being viewed or generating revenue. When we are able to access this footage, UPROAR can help expand audience and awareness for the programs and the work they showcase by repurposing this footage into videos we create, produce and distribute. We can also link to sites and services where the original programs can be viewed or assist in putting the programs on the UPROAR section on Amazon Prime.