Erin Ranney

Freelance Wildlife Filmmaker
Field Location: Cordova and Egegik, Alaska

Growing up in Washington and Alaska, I developed a love for the natural world very young. After studying Wildlife Ecology in my undergrad and working in the field in Madagascar and around Washington, I went to England to study Wildlife Documentary Production.  I interned on and off with Mark Emery Films the last two years to further my filmmaking skills and worked on several productions as an assistant to different cameramen. I invested in my own gear to continue to film in the unique places I had the opportunity to go. 

There are several problems and issues that I would like to explore, but the disconnect of children to nature is one of the most important issues to me. If we can develop a love for the outdoors and a connection with the natural world again at an early age, then we can not only have a more conservation minded youth but also have a healthier generation.

Contribute to Conservation in the Classroom

Project Goals: $10,000

The amount of funding I am aiming for initially, would be $10,000 in order to cover location travel, editing, media storage and sound equipment. This should be enough to get the first series of scientists profiles completed with the additional gear that I already own.

Current Project

My parents are elementary teachers with a science background, so in all their classes they made sure to include many opportunities for student exploration in science. This is fairly unusual in a typical American grade school. Science is often overshadowed by the emphasis on reading and mathematics at the primary schools and young students tend to only think of scientists as old men in lab coats (“Albert Einstein” is the go to answer for naming scientists). 

My project will be a showcase of a diverse group of scientists with conservation as the connecting theme. Each scientist will be featured in a three to five minute video- highlighting fieldwork, impact and how they reached their career goals (what they studied, etc). The videos will be engaging, age appropriate (tested with a teacher panel) and will connect kids to real life scientists. There was a #reallifescientist movement on Instagram however elementary aged children typically do not have access to this social media platform. This project will promote science and develop interest in conservation at one of the most important ages but most importantly it will help children dream big!

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Field Location

Cordova, Alaska USA

Success to me is providing footage to address and bring light to conservation issues or people working behind the scenes to better the natural world.
— Erin Ranney

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