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UPROAR produces, co-produces and develops original videos telling exclusive stories with partners and donors.  These stories evolve in an expanded format - often a series or a longer form program. UPROAR’s model uses an end to end approach with a strong conservation message and integrated conservation partners. Each element is an important part of the puzzle designed to result in maximum conservation impact and attention and ultimately intended to create a success story for UPROAR and our partners.

UPROAR Originals are funded and sometimes co-produced by third parties. Funders and co-producers include corporations/brands, philanthropist donors and non-profit organizations.

We work with partners and sponsors to define a strategy and deliverables to highlight their intended objectives and message and then will produce and manage the entire project.

A key word is STORY - not just a story in a video, but a story about how the multiple elements result in a mini-movement - an imaginative and optimistic endeavor that is setting out to do something really fresh and impactful for conservation (in a way that can be repeated).  It revolves around a story we can tell audiences, partners, sponsors - the story involves characters, action, partners, celebrities, a community of regular people who are moved to dive in. Just a part of that story is told in video form, but the story of the entire approach (the “community ecosystem”) is compelling too.   Our first example of an UPROAR Original was the film BEARTREK. BEARTREK is a campaign to save bears - and only part of it is a film.


UPROAR currently has several Originals in development, the first of which is “Ocean Souls” - into the life of Cetaceans.


Whales and dolphins are the most intelligent animals after us; they evolved from land animals some 50 million years ago. They not only have the largest, but also the most complex brains. Their social organization and language skills are second to none, and in many aspects can challenge ours. Each animal within a pod is known to have individual names. They solve problems better than any animal. They sing and communicate from one thousand miles away. No cetacean is a threat to humans.

We believe that science and beauty can touch public opinion. Rather than using shocking images and create controversy, we will use science, fun and beauty with the hope of triggering change. The main goal is to show the intelligence, social behaviour and strong feelings of the animals, supported by science and complemented by beauty.  UPROAR will produce a 5 episodes of 5 minutes each (and 3x40’s trailers), finally converting in into a 25 minutes documentary targeting international audiences but shaping it in such a way it can reach & hopefully touch all ages.

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