lenses in the wild

UPROAR “Lenses in the Wild” is  a video and story acquisition platform to empower anyone in the UPROAR extended community to share and contribute great videos, stills and stories with UPROAR.  

Massive amounts of beautiful footage are shot by thousands of professionals and amateurs around the world but goes unused.  Huge archives of beautifully shot wildlife and conservation programs exist that lie dormant, unwatched and underutilized. We  license and organize footage from thousands of “lenses in the wild” around the world and create a footage library from which we create UPROAR branded content.

We want footage that begs to be shared with the world – something unique, captivating, inspirational, or maybe even funny. It can come in any format at any length – shot on a phone, collected on camera traps, or captured with professional video equipment.

Anchored by some of the leading photographers in the world, we onboard a wide range of partners to provide content once they register as a member of the UPROAR platform and community.  We engage photographers, explorers, scientists, devoted professionals and passionate amateurs alike, to share their content and more importantly their stories to bolster our mission. In return, this partner content is transformed into the most powerful narrative possible and broadcast to a broad and diverse audience, ideally helping to increase visibility for each partner.

UPROAR brings to life the work of cameramen/women, editors, individual conservationists and organizations by tapping into their often rough-cut work with the mission of sharing their inspiring stories of the world we live in.  We work with filmmakers, conservationists and organizations to enable them to be influencers and ambassadors in bringing the stories of their work to the little screen.

Lenses in the Wild provides an outlet for the broader UPROAR community to share and contribute their own stories and experiences for potential production concepts.

Ultimately UPROAR’s Lenses in the Wild becomes a massive and innovative video and photo upload platform where the UPROAR community can review and filter submissions alongside automation and machine learning based filter and tagging systems.

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Rolf Steinman

Mark Emery

Erin Ranney