Welcome to UPROAR


We’re excited to work with you and share your stories with the world! This page documents the steps involved to become a partner, share your footage, and create your marketplace page.


3 Step On-boarding Process


Follow the steps outlined below to get started. For more information, please see the FAQs below. If you need assistance at any point, please email Sophia at sophia@theuproar.com.


1. Sign UPROAR Agreements


Footage Release

This release is gives us the ability to create short videos using your footage. The release only pertains to the footage you share with us, and you can specifically document the files you are sharing and are covered by this release in a separate email to Sophia at sophia@theuproar.com.

Marketplace Agreement

This agreement covers your inclusion on the UPROAR marketplace and covers the rules we have set forth for the marketplace.


2. Share Your Footage and Stories

What Footage to Share


What Images to Share


Ways to share your footage and stories

  1. Upload your footage to Dropbox: You can upload your footage and images to a Dropbox folder
  2. Send us a drive: We know that sometimes uploading content online is not an option. We also accept drives.

3. Tell Us About You

Fill out the your Marketplace Profile


In order to build out your page, we need to know about you and the work you’re doing. If you have any questions about what is on the document, please review the FAQs below or email Sophia for more guidance.

Define your offers

One important feature of your page is the offers you will have available for people to contribute to. These are the projects you wish to have support for from the UPROAR audience. Please review the FAWs to learn more about what you can offer on your marketplace page.


That’s it! We will start working on building out your marketplace page once we get all of the above, and will follow-up with you if you we have any further questions.



▸ Contracts

1. Is the materials release exclusive? Do I get to use my footage after I have provided it to you?

The materials release is a non-exclusive release form that simply authorizes UPROAR to use your content in a video, marketing, or on your marketplace page. You will still retain all rights to your content and can use it however you would like.

2. What does the partner form entail?

The partner form defines what you are responsible for in a partnership with UPROAR. For example: if you are able to reach a project goal, we want to know how the money was spent and the impact that you were able to have from your contributors in the Conservation Marketplace.

3. What if I don’t own everything I want to upload?

For legal purposes, do not upload anything you do not have the rights to. By signing the materials release you are confirming that you have the permissions to share this with UPROAR.

4. How do I go about getting rights from the other party who owns/co-owns the content?

If you share the rights to a piece of content, images, or anything that may be relevant, please have the other party sign the materials release as well. If you have further questions about this, please contact Sophia Bay at sophia@theuproar.com and she will be able to assist with facilitating this process.

5. What if I can’t get rights from the other party?

If the other party is unable or unwilling to provide UPROAR with the needed permissions, unfortunately we are unable to accept the content.

6. If I am signing the materials release for marketplace images, does that give UPROAR the rights to use them in a video or in promotions?

Yes. The materials release allows UPROAR to utilize the images in marketing, promotions, or in an UPROAR piece.

▸ Footage and Images

1. What specs are UPROAR looking for?

Please capture your images in the highest quality you have available. If you are using a video camera HD or 4K is preferable. If you are using a DSLR to film video HD 1080P or 4K is ideal if your camera is capable. If you are using an iPhone or a mobile phone, hold the phone horizontal while filming so we have the widest possible shot, not vertical.

2. Should the footage have narration?

Please try not to talk over the video or narrate if you are filming wildlife. We would like to use the natural sound from the scene you are filming. Make a separate video with you narrating the scene or retelling the story or describing the action or events. You can be on camera or do it in the quietest place you have available. We want to use your voice to tell your story!

3. How much content should I share?

To make a short piece, it is best for us to have about 5-15 minutes of footage to tell a single story. If you have multiple stories you wish to share, feel free to upload 5-15 minutes of content, plus any images may accompany it, per story.

4. How will I be credited for my footage/images if a video is made out of them?

We will credit you in the captions, comments, or description on a video we post.

5. I have some finished pieces, is that something I can upload as well?

Absolutely! In the past we have utilized videos of all lengths to create short pieces. In order for us to do this, please upload the split-track version.

▸ Stories

1. What do you mean by stories?

We are looking for stories about animal behavior in the natural world. It is best if you focus on a single species. We are looking for unique behavior, an amazing event, animal human interaction, a viral moment or event, a look into your life in the field, and also anything strange, emotional, or funny. UPROAR is looking to not just receive content, but we want to share stories from the field. We would love to have content that could match up with these stories so we can help share your stories with the world.

2. How much content do you need in order to tell a story?

To make a short piece, it is best for us to have about 5-15 minutes of footage to tell a single story. If you have multiple stories you wish to share, feel free to upload 5-15 minutes of content, plus any images may accompany it, per story.

3. How many stories do you want me to provide?

We would love to hear 1-10 stories from you at a time.

4. How do I best communicate what content goes with what story?

There are a few ways to do this. One way to show us what content goes with what story is to upload or share a Dropbox folder that has the story and content inside of it. Another way is to identify the best clips/images (by file name or otherwise) within the story document you provide that is also uploaded to Dropbox.

5. How much do I have to write about each story?

We would love to hear about 1-3 paragraphs per story so we can get an overview of what we are looking at, the context, and how to best communicate that to an audience.

6. Can I video myself telling the story instead of writing it?

Absolutely! You could make a separate video with you narrating the scene or retelling the story or describing the action or events. You can be on camera or do it in the quietest place you have available. We want to use your voice to tell your story.

▸ Sharing Your Footage with UPROAR

1. What if my internet is too slow to upload content?

In this case, please contact Sophia Bay at sophia@theuproar.com to arrange other ways to share with us.

2. What should I do if I have a bunch of content that I want to provide and don’t want to upload it all?

In this case, please contact Sophia Bay at sophia@theuproar.com to arrange other ways to share with us.

▸ Marketplace Page

1. I am a for-profit/individual and some of the questions didn’t apply to me. Is it okay that I left them blank?

Unless it is a required field, then absolutely!

2. What kinds of images are you looking for?

For the marketplace, there are two things we are looking for: 1) a profile image and 2) images for your photo gallery. The profile image is the first picture someone will see when looking at your Marketplace profile from the main Marketplace page. Possible images could include but are not limited to: The team you work with, the director, the organism(s) you protect/work with, the landscape you work in, etc. Whatever you think best represents you/your organization and is eye-catching to those who browse through the Marketplace. For the photo gallery, please provide 10-20+ photos to display.

3. Can the images have watermarks?

If the photographer needs to have a watermark, please only include the watermarked version. Our content team cannot use any watermarked images in videos or promotions, but they can be used for your Marketplace page or in marketing. We cannot watermark images for you.

4. Can you credit them in the metadata?

For the marketplace page, yes. In videos and on social media we cannot. If you want the images credited in the metadata on your marketplace page, please indicate which images and what credits are required.

5. What if the images were shot by another party and I don’t have ownership of them?

If you want these images on your marketplace page but do not own them, we will need to receive a materials release agreement signed by the other party.

6. How many images are you looking for?

We are looking for 10-20 or more images.

7. Could my images be used in a video?


▸ Marketplace Offers

1. What are offers?

Offers are the projects that you/your team are working on or would like to begin working on. These could be existing programs or they could be a dream project. Ideally these would be projects that could relate to content that you have shared with us, so if we were to make a video of any of your stories the audiences could find out more about what you are doing and help contribute to reach your project goals. If you want to see some existing offers, head to www.theuproar.com/marketplace and check out some pages to see the types of offers and goals of our existing partners.

2. How many should I do?

Depending on your size and existing reach, we suggest you have 1-3 offers. Ideally, these would we different types of projects that will allow people to engage with you in a variety of ways.

3. Instead of specific offers, is it okay if I ask for general support?

Yes. However, we suggest providing offers to allow people to engage with you on specific projects and meet goals.

4. What is the idea behind providing offers?

We want to be the world’s largest catalogue for conservation efforts in the world. We are working to provide our audiences with many ways to explore and find not just individuals, companies, and organizations working on conservation, but specific projects and efforts as well. Eventually, audiences will be able to search by different offer types and projects to see what programs are going on around the world. We believe that these different filters will allow audiences looking to engage in conservation efforts to dive deeper more easily.

5. Can an offer help me get support for an existing program or does this need to be an exclusive project for the Marketplace?

The offers can be existing projects that you have been working on and are looking for additional support, or they can be new ideas. Whatever is most helpful for you/your organization, we are happy to have on the Marketplace.

6. I have an idea for a type of offer that I don’t currently see on the marketplace. What should I do?

We want to work with our partners to help you achieve your goals in whichever way is best for you. We have to ensure we will have the technical capabilities to support you to provide this new offer type, so contact Sophia Bay at sophia@theuproar.com to discuss the details.

7. If I reach a project goal, do I have to put that on my taxes? How does this work?

▸ General

1. Does UPROAR pay me for my footage?

UPROAR does not provide direct monetary support in exchange for footage.

2. If I don’t get paid, why should I partner with UPROAR?

Although UPROAR cannot support our partners directly, we provide you with a platform that could help you reach new audiences, find supporters, and engage with people worldwide. If we are able to create a video about you, your work, or the species that your work to conserve, we will link your Marketplace page in the video and our audiences will be able to engage with and support you directly. If you were to set up a page on a different crowdfunding platform, you would be responsible for all marketing and outreach of that page. On the Conservation Marketplace, we will work with our partners to create media about their stories, assist in marketing their pages, and utilize our reach to provide pathways for our audiences to discover and support you.

3. What’s next once the page is up?

We are continuously looking for new stories so anytime you have content that you think would be great for an UPROAR piece, please send it along! We want to work with our partners to not just have a one-time deal with each other, but rather to work together for years to come. We want to hear updates, findings, impacts, and stories at any time from you, so we will be reaching out to hear how things are going for you in the field!

4. How often are you looking for stories from me?

Whenever you feel like you have stories to share, we would love to hear from you! Ideally, we would love for this to be multiple times a year.

5. How can I help my page get more traffic?

Once you’re page is live there are a few recommended activities to help drive awareness and traffic to your page:

  • Share your page online
  • Add to website
  • Share on social channels
  • Share with your social following
  • Tell your supporters

Still have questions?

If you can't find the answer to your question above, please reach out to Sophia at sophia@theuproar.com.