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UPROAR Media would like to explore sponsorship opportunities with organizations that share our values and respect for nature. Our spirit is collaborative, progressive and energetic. We are open to a range of sponsorship approaches including brand promotion, product focused projects, “in-kind”, “360 degree” projects involving multiple components - projects that help you achieve your objectives while being true to our vision for supporting wildlife, nature and conservation.  

We produce and distribute Media for Conservation in a way no one has done before; together with professional and amateur photographers, conservation organizations and other production partners we create content to harness the power of nature that spread around the world linked with a simple way for audiences to learn more, engage and make an impact.

At UPROAR we believe we speak the common universal language all humans share: NATURE. Love of Nature is part of every one of us. We are building a platform that allows us to reach every corner of the planet, every religion, every race, every ethnic group, every language.  We don’t only reach a global audience, we engage and interact with them.

Consumers are growing to expect brands to take such stands on social issues. Many corporations want to be connecting their brands with conservation and sustainability, which are “brand safe” and non-political categories in an increasingly polarized world.   Brands are spending large amounts of money to reach audiences on social media and mobile in ways that enhance awareness and broaden their messaging to include value added intangibles. UPROAR content is brand safe and intended to yield brand recall, brand affinity, and positive brand perception for our corporate partners, sponsors and advertisers.

In addition to sponsoring UPROAR content for social media, we help sponsors, corporations and philanthropic organizations make compelling content to support their own messaging, and to devise a strategy to help you reach the biggest and most relevant audience.  

UPROAR produces irresistible short-form video content designed for mobile audiences on social networks and engages people with authentic, high quality productions which offer fiercely optimistic and inspiring stories that grab attention and drive engagement at scale.  UPROAR content is joyful to watch, effortless to stumble across, irresistible to share, and easy to embrace. Our goal is to highlight engaging – and often unusual – stories and personalities that will entice people and enable them to connect with conservation projects and the people behind them on a deep, personal level.

If you are a corporation, government or foundation that values certain species, a region, an entire ecosystem or the entire planet, we would like to speak with you:

  • If your company manufactures camera and outdoor gear, we can help showcase your products

  • If you are in the hospitality business surrounded by beautiful nature, we can help promote your locations and brands.

  • If you are in transportation or motor business, lets talk about how they fit into our content

  • If your firm creates innovative and sustainable products, we should talk.

  • If you have a global reach, and want to promote a special cause around nature, we can help.

  • If you would like to create a video about certain species, even greater reason to meet.

Our videos can serve as a great platform to promote your brand and products and their relationship to nature and wildlife, and our partners on the field, photographers, ambassadors, scientists, explorers would gladly support your brand.

Please contact us with any ideas you may have, we will happily brainstorm with you.

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