Hundreds of millions of people globally love programs about wildlife and nature.  Many of them want to make a difference but are unsure how to help - today audiences with smartphones are no longer passive viewers.    UPROAR is a media company with a mission to tell stories about the amazing world we live in, inspiring people to share, connect and get involved and providing them a simple means to do so.  We enable and encourage individuals to make a difference in the world by supporting our partners and the amazing work they do.

We engage viewers and facilitate direct action with causes, conservationists, scientists, entrepreneurs, projects, filmmakers and experiences through UPROAR ACTION, providing opportunities to act and drive positive change.  UPROAR ACTION enables and encourages our viewers to connect directly and personally with the species, ecosystems, biologists, and conservationists highlighted in our videos to expand their interest and support through donations, project funding and purchase of unique, natural world experiences.

UPROAR’s conservation PARTNERS

Donate to Panthera
Donate to the Wildlife Conservation Network
Donate to Great Plains Foundation
Donate to WildAid
Donate to Big Life Foundation
Donate to Adventure Scientists
Donate to Polar Bears International
Donate to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
Donate to the Global Penguin Society
Donate to Manta Trust
Donate to Cheetah Conservation Botswana
Donate to Kenya Wildlife Trust
Donate to Galapagos Conservation Trust
Donate to Pole Pole Foundation
Donate to Vital Ground
Donate to the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society